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Legal Disclaimer

Note that any information contained in this Web site (the “Site”) is subject of copyright. Any program, publication, design, product, process,
software, technology, information, know-how, or idea described in, or related to, the Site may be the subject of other rights,
including other intellectual property rights of subcontractors, business partners or experts.

Consulteo4u shall solely be liable for the competence and availability of the resources assigned to the engagement. It reserves the right to
subcontract or partner, to use specialists and experts or any other third party tailored to the delivery of the engagement.
The deliverables are the materials defined in the contract. Unless otherwise stated each deliverable delivered to the client is deemed accepted
within 10 days of the delivery.

Consulteo4u shall provide the services on a reasonable-effort basis. Consulteo4u will use its best efforts to execute the assignment.
This is an obligation of means, except if explicitly stipulated otherwise.

Consulteo4u is only committed to what is explicitly foreseen in the assignment. Each modification has to be explicitly accepted by Consulteo4u in writing.



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