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01. a digital project ?

We help clients tap into digital innovation to reach their objectives.

We capitalize on specific experience in identified digital domains.

We are familiar with business development, concept design, specific risk identification and programme management.


02. client hire us because

We effectively transfer experience.

We base our approach on well known methodologies.

We are using specific expertise when required.

We work with large network consulting firms as needed.


03. our results

We have a reputation for actionable results.

Doing the job right.

Repeat buy from existing client base.

Know-how and industry footprint.


CCTV becomes Computer Vision

With the advent of IP cameras, deep learning and machine learning as well as stability and security of networks, the way to process images has adopted artificial intelligence and neuronal networks.


digital identity is an e-service enabler if handled well

The lifecycle of identity is at the crossroadof legal, economic and technical security.


Data based service models
require to understand the data value chain

All innovators and seekers of new data-driven services are searching for ideas that have 4 characteristics.